Nicola Reid CBE

I'm Nicola Reid, proud Mama, Rugby wife, occasion Secondary School teacher and regular CBE for Palmerston North Parents' Centre. I am married to Nick and together we have three boys; Micah, Amon and Hugo.

My life has been a bit too full in recent years, so I am really looking forward to simplifying things.  My most important role is, of course, Mama. Most days see me running the school-preparation gauntlet that involves ensuring satisfactory teeth-brushing, extracting children from their pjs and the military operation that is loading the car in a manner that maintains lunchbox contents. I then dance around the lego pieces on our floor, fight my way through the laundry pile and engage with my other boys. This might sound chaotic but it makes my heart sing. Time with my boys is incredibly nourishing. 

I am also a Secondary School teacher and keep my hand in by relieving regularly. 

Becoming pregnant in 2008 started quite the love affair with pregnancy, labour, childbirth and parenting. What I found, however, was my own positive feelings about the journey were not met with the same enthusiasm by others. This got me thinking about the way we seem to treat our birthing population - judging, frightening, belittling and assuming. I felt I could potentially do something about this, so I set about my studies. My hope is that I empower others to discover the tools they require to  find their own way that is proudly and unapologetically unique to them. Informed decision making and embracing our autonomy are at the centre of this. I really believe that if a journey is based around these things, the experience can be really positive regardless of what happens along the way.

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