Childbirth Education Classes

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Register Now for our childbirth classes.

Our childbirth classes are one of the most popular and comprehensive in the Manawatu. We run approximately 15 classes each year, with up to 12 couples in each class. Our childbirth classes are run by qualified Childbirth Educators, assisted by Parents Centre volunteers. Registration in our childbirth classes includes a 1 year membership with Palmerston North Parents Centre.

We recommend booking into classes as early as possible and that you start class around week 26-30 of your pregnancy, finishing at 34-38 weeks pregnant.

Our classes cover a variety of essential topics such as:

  • emotional & physical changes in pregnancy and postnatally, 
  • pelvic awareness, 
  • optimal foetal positioning, 
  • looking after yourself in pregnancy, 
  • informed consent and the LMC partnership,
  • patterns of labour,
  • hormonal blueprint of labour and birth,
  • working with vs managing pain, 
  • birth skills, 
  • breastfeeding, 
  • the golden hour, 
  • life with a newborn, 
  • early parenting, 
  • keeping babies safe, and 
  • a hospital tour

Coffee Groups

After each childbirth education course has been completed, most classes continue to meet informally as a “coffee group”.
Our coffee groups provide ongoing social meetings and parenting support and are a key reason many of our members choose to join Parents Centre. We also set up a Facebook group for the class at the beginning, so you can interact on the page and your Childbirth Educator can provide you with resources along the way to read in your own time. Register Now

Our Educator Team

Our centre has 3 fantastic educators that are all very passionately involved in pregnancy, maternity and postnatal education in various roles in our region.