Core Restore Workshop with BFit

Event Begins: 21 Sep 2020 9:30 AMEnds: 21 Sep 2020 10:15 AM
Venue: Palmerston North Parents Centre
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BFit presents The Core Restore Workshops. 


Regain strength and confidence with core restore workshops. This FREE workshop is held the 3rd Monday of each month.


In the sessions we will spend 5-10 mins discussing pelvic floor and it's importance, how it changes during and after pregnancy etc. 

Then spend the remainder of the time on practical exercises:

Step 1

Pelvic floor isolation exercises

- The kegal continuum

- How to use breathing correctly

- How imagery can help

Step 2

Pelvic floor integration exercises (the whole core)

- Limb movement with core activation

- Leg lifts and slides

- Dead bug holds

- Dead bug with movement

Step 3

Functional movement

- Bringing it all together in functional movements like squats


Presented by Bryan Clements - the owner operator of a health and wellness business specializing in health and wellness for parents. Bryan has been a trainer/coach for over 10 years and his mission is to help parents become the best version of themselves and increase the longevity of their lives for their children, families, and friends.

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