Why Kids 'Mis'behave - Hot Topic

Event Begins: 1 Jul 2019 7:30 PMEnds: 1 Jul 2019 9:00 PM
Venue: Palmerston North Parents Centre
Cost from: NZ $10.00
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Sometime it can feel like we're constantly screaming No! Stop! Would you just listen? 

In this Hot Topic we will look at why kids behave in challenging ways and discuss some strategies to help them navigate this crazy world of ours.

You'll go away with a formula that you can revisit and use to help think through any behaviour.

Palmerston North Parents Centre's Responsive Parenting Hot Topics are designed to encourage, support and equip families with positive non-punitive strategies for the parenting journey.

Presented by Tabitha Jonson, Mum, parenting facilitator, mentor and coach (BA, GDip Tchg)

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