Responsive Parenting Course

Event Begins: 17 Mar 2019Ends: 17 Mar 2019
Cost from: NZ $20.00
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Responsive Parenting Course **Weekend Course**

Please Note: This 2 day course runs over two weekends

Sunday 17th March and Sunday 24th March, 9am to 4pm.

Equipping families for the parenting journey

Facilitated by Tabitha Jonson - Mum, parenting coach, facilitator and mentor (BA GDip Tchg)

Palmerston North Parents Centre’s Responsive Parenting Course is designed to encourage, support and equip families with positive, non-punitive strategies for the parenting journey.

The Course comprises six workshops based on international research and best practice in the area of gentle parenting. A key focus of the workshops is providing parents with strategies for building strong and secure relationships with their children through the use of compassionate communication, loving limits and non-punitive discipline.

The course will cover the following topics:

- Introduction to Responsive Parenting
This workshop looks at parenting in today’s society, different parenting styles, and your family’s values and goals

- Development and Expectations
Explores brain and social/emotional development of young children and appropriate expectations for your child/children

- Connecting with Your Kids
Understand the importance of secure attachment and strategies for building strong, positive relationships with your children

- Behaviour and Discipline
Understanding what drives behaviour and the differences between discipline & punishment

- Communication and Guidance
Learning to guide your child using effective communication strategies including active listening, problem-solving and “I” statements

-Effective Boundaries
Learn how to implement effective boundaries using empathy and other supportive strategies learnt throughout the Course

The course is open to all members of the public to attend. We strongly encourage couples or individuals parenting the same children (including grandparents or educators if relevant) to attend the workshops together if possible.

$35 / couple
$20 / single

(Note: Couple price is for two people parenting the same children)

Spaces are limited and registrations essential. 

To find out more about Responsive Parenting or Palmerston North Parents Centre please email us: - we'd love to hear from you!


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